Announcing Solid Edge 2020: SHINING 3D Edition

November 6, 2019

Siemens PLM Software continues to provide latest version Solid Edge 2020 SHINING 3D Edition to users of SHINING 3D products.  This new version of the Solid Edge will be bundled to the EinScan Pro 2X series 3D scanners with more features and functionality for your reverse engineering needs.
Exciting features added to Solid Edge 2020 SHINING 3D Edition include: 

  • Various new “Remesh” options (in Synchronous\Reverse Engineering tab\Cleanup Mesh group). The “Remesh” command can be used to improve the overall quality of mesh bodies and optimize it for the Reverse Engineering commands. This includes redefining mesh shapes, density, and automatic shape recognition by region.
  • A new “Align” feature (in Synchronous/Reverse Engineering tab/Align group). The new feature adds 4 separate methods to quickly align the mesh models to Base Coordinate Systems or to a selected Coordinate Systems.
  • Section Sketches (in Synchronous/Reverse Engineering tab/Curves group). Useful in creating section sketches which can be used for creating B-rep models using commands like BlueSurf, Sweep, Extrude, and more. Allows for the recognition of sketch entities like Line, Arc Circle or Ellipse; Gives more control on editing the section.

The EinScan series 3D scanners continue to make 3D scanning more accessible than it has ever been, and with the inclusion of professional 3D Design and Engineering software, SHINING 3D promises to deliver their customers a uniquely complete solution. EinScan users who owns Solid Edge 2019 SHINING 3D Edition purchased less than one year can update to the 2020 version for free. If buyers are not eligible for the free update, they can contact for a paid upgrade. This process can be completed through an online form. If you have any questions, please reach out to us directly.